7 Cheap and Easy DIY Garage Storage and Tool Organization Ideas

The garage is expected to contain most of the unwanted but necessary household items. It is also the most cluttered room anywhere in a home. But this common fact shouldn’t be a reason to keep your garage unorganized.

Like most rooms, it’s important to store all of the tools in a well organized and functional way. You need to fill all space and utilize every area as much as possible. After all, this room is multi-functional in a way that it accommodates your vehicles as well as stores certain home items.

The question now is how are you going to achieve that?

Fortunately, you are reading the right article. We’re going to share several tips on how you can properly store and organize your garage.

1. Use Containers and Baskets

Store nails and screws in a small container.  On the other hand, bigger tools like pliers and paint brushes can be placed in a large basket. These are always handy so have as many as you need. It is easier to organize all items per category or type as you can just label those containers.

Tip: You can repurpose and reuse mayonnaise jars, drinking bottles, food cans, and candy containers.

Via Just a Girl and Her Blog

Outdoor Toy Section of Organized Garage
Outdoor Toy Section of Organized Garage

Via Ugly Duckling House

A Clever Way to Store Screws and Nails Recycled DIY 1
A Clever Way to Store Screws and Nails Recycled DIY 1

2. Mount Hanging Storage

The walls of your garage can serve as additional space to store some items. The best idea is to use a hanging storage. You can get a layered storage bag from a local shop. You can also build your own hanging storage in a shelf setup or a more DIY form.

3. Place Racks and Cabinets

Racks and cabinets equally accommodate almost any garage tools and other household items. These are helpful as well but make sure there’s enough space to place them.

4. Build a Pegboard

Organize construction and mechanical tools by placing them in a pegboard. It makes your garage look more functional that way.

Via Life Storage

diy garage pegboard lifestorage 2 350x525
diy garage pegboard lifestorage

Via The Creativity Exchange

DIY Garage pegboard for tools spray paint and supplies. Only need 5.5 inches for depth. The Creativity Exchange 682x1024
DIY Garage pegboard for tools spray paint and supplies.

5. Make a DIY PVC Pipe Organizer

This type of organizer is very reliable in storing large and heavy items, such as shovels, rakes and other yard tools. You can also just place some on a wall to store cords and hoses.

Via Moon Chasers

brilliant project this is a really neat idea you can make garden tool organizers out of regular pipe garage storage ideas power

6. Create a Bike Organizer on the Ceiling and Walls

Make all space useful including the ceiling. This area is a great place to store your bikes. Simply build a DIY hanger on the ceiling where you can mount the tires of the bike. The walls are also a good area to install a bike organizer using poles.

Via Just a Girl and Her Blog

Getting Bike Down from Rack 453x680
Getting Bike Down from Rack

Via C.R.A.F.T.


7. Add Skateboard and Scooter Organizer

For skateboards and scooters, you may build a wood based organizer where you can install on the wall and hang them neatly in the same alignment.

Via Fly Lady


The secret is to use as much space as needed to store all of your items in the garage. It has to be a room that does not only accommodate your vehicles, but also serves as storage for all the home tools you own.

What do you think about these garage organization tips and ideas? Are they helpful in utilizing space and keeping things organized?

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