What To Do With Old Bricks: Creative Ideas For Your Backyard

You have a lot of old bricks on your hands after completing a renovation on your house but didn’t know what to do with them. Perhaps you inherited a pile when you bought your new house? In any event, you now own the bricks, and you’re not sure what to do with them. We have some of the greatest ideas on what to do with old bricks and are ready to share them with you.

Why Reuse Old Bricks

Bricks can be used for a variety of purposes in construction and may be incorporated into your landscaping in a variety of creative ways. There are many reasons to reuse old bricks rather than discard them.

Some of the benefits of reusing bricks include: 

  • Saving money: Bricks can be reused in place of new materials, saving you time and cash. 
  • Conserving resources: Manufacturing new bricks consumes a great deal of energy and other natural resources. By reusing what is already available, you are reducing your impact on the environment.
  • Installing bricks yourself: Rather than paying a contractor to install brick pavers, old bricks can be reused for paving purposes or laid in other ways around your home.

Where To Use Old Bricks

Here are some tips where you can use your old bricks:

  1. Driveways/walkway surfaces: Old bricks make excellent walkway surface when they’re placed together with cement mortar or even without any mortar at all! You can use these as ]driveways too by putting them in sand (for traction) and covering it with asphalt later on if desired. There’s no need to lay individual stones every time when you have a lot of old bricks on hand – just make sure that the surface is level and even before starting.
  2. Retaining walls: Building a retaining wall with old bricks is not as hard as it may seem! In fact, this could be a fun DIY project for you and your family to take on together. You’ll need to purchase some additional materials like cement, sand, and gravel but if you have a few spare hours (and some help), this can be done relatively easily. 
  3. Garden borders: Bricks are great for garden borders because they last longer than other materials and don’t get destroyed by weather conditions or pests. All you need is a sharp shovel, level ground, and enough bricks to go around your desired border length. Dig a trench that’s about eight inches wide and six inches deep, place your bricks in the trench so they are touching each other, then pack soil around the outside of the bricks.
  4. Pathway: A brick pathway is not only beautiful but it’s also functional! It can be used to direct foot traffic or as a divider between different areas of your yard. Plus, it’s easy to make: just dig out a path that’s at least two feet wide and six inches deep (or deeper if you’re using bigger bricks), lay down weed barrier fabric, place your bricks on top making sure they’re tightly together, and cover with gravel or mulch.
  5. Fire pit: Who doesn’t love spending time around an open fire? A beautiful and functional way to enjoy a backyard bonfire is with a brick fire pit. It’s just what you need to roast marshmallows or make s’mores! All you have to do is dig out the area where your pit will go (for best results, leave it in an easily accessible spot close to water and electric lines), line the bottom of the hole with small river rocks and sand for drainage, then add larger bricks on top of that before filling everything in again with smaller stones.