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    Home Inspiration: Modern Vaucluse House

    The Exterior 8

    Vaucluse House is the epitome of a modern luxury home. This four-storey residential space is designed by MPR Design Group. It is based in Sydney, Australia with such great views of the harbor. Let’s take a look of the exterior and interior of this awesome place. The Exterior The Interior 1. Staircase 2. Kitchen / […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Contemporary Wood Interior Design

    Entry Staircases 4

    Situated in Victoria, Australia, Schulberg Demkiw Architects designed “Beach House” that mainly features wood interiors despite its contemporary look. It’s a fantastic home for a small to medium sized family. This is a three-storey, 2,800-square-foot space that brings comfort and tranquility. The Exterior The Interiors 1. Entry & Staircases 2. Living Room 3. Kitchen/Dining Room […] More

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    7 DIY Ways to Reuse Old Bricks for Yards and Gardens


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    Old bricks, whether they are used or bought from a local thrift store, are useful in several ways. They are great in adding details to your front yard or backyard. They can also become useful in gardens. Let’s learn some creative DIY ways on how you can reuse old bricks for your garden and yards. […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Black and Gray Interiors

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    Do you fancy a home interior that showcases black and gray shades? This contemporary house surrounded by pine trees and mountains in Montana is definitely a delight to the eyes! What’s more the house itself can spoil you with its magnificent view! And yes, this house is designed by Reid Smith Architects with many wide […] More