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    Home Inspiration: Modern Vaucluse House


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    Vaucluse House is the epitome of a modern luxury home. This four-storey residential space is designed by MPR Design Group. It is based in Sydney, Australia with such great views of the harbor. Let’s take a look of the exterior and interior of this awesome place. The Exterior The Interior 1. Staircase 2. Kitchen / […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Contemporary Wood Interior Design

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    Situated in Victoria, Australia, Schulberg Demkiw Architects designed “Beach House” that mainly features wood interiors despite its contemporary look. It’s a fantastic home for a small to medium sized family. This is a three-storey, 2,800-square-foot space that brings comfort and tranquility. The Exterior The Interiors 1. Entry & Staircases 2. Living Room 3. Kitchen/Dining Room […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Black and Gray Interiors

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    Do you fancy a home interior that showcases black and gray shades? This contemporary house surrounded by pine trees and mountains in Montana is definitely a delight to the eyes! What’s more the house itself can spoil you with its magnificent view! And yes, this house is designed by Reid Smith Architects with many wide […] More