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    7 DIY Ways to Reuse Old Bricks for Yards and Gardens

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    Edges of Garden Beds 3

    Old bricks, whether they are used or bought from a local thrift store, are useful in several ways. They are great in adding details to your front yard or backyard. They can also become useful in gardens. Let’s learn some creative DIY ways on how you can reuse old bricks for your garden and yards. […] More

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    6 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas and Designs

    Metal Fire Pit 3

    Are you planning to add outdoor fireplace at the backyard for a warmer hangout during noon or night? Do you need to replace your old fire pit? Here’s a good news! We’ve got a list of photos to share that can give you an idea on what design you would choose for your new fire […] More

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    9 Cool DIY Plant Label and Garden Marker Ideas

    Wood Chalkboard 4

    Make your little home garden a little more professional looking with the use of garden markers or plant labels. If you want to be creative, here are some 9 ideas that are super easy and also inexpensive to do. 1. Wooden Clothespins You may optionally paint to customize and make them look more strikingly noticeable […] More

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    9 Creative Front Yard Designs and Landscaping Ideas


    9 Creative Front Yard Designs and Landscaping Ideas 20

    Your front yard must be welcoming with its beautiful and attractive design. There must be striking and unique factors that can make your visitors stunned and any by-passers in awe. For some inspiration, here are some landscaping and front yard ideas. 1. Repaint the Stairs Via The 2 Seasons 2. Create Flower Beds Via First […] More