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    Home Inspiration: Lake Calhoun View Modern House

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    Many homeowners prefer contemporary designed houses these days. If you are one of them who want to invest in property that is comprised of modern elements, get inspired by the Lake Calhoun View Modern House. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this 2,800-square-foot residential house is designed by John Kraemer & Sons that features three bedrooms, three […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Industrial Dream House

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    If you are living within a big city, an industrial themed house is more likely a great choice. Even if you ar renting out a space, you can still incorporate some personal touches for your dream home. Thus, we’ll take a look of an example of an industrial dream house that may inspire and amaze […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Beach Barn House

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    Ever dream of a summer beach house like the Hamptons? If yes, then you’d like this Menemsha beach barn house designed by Hutker Architects. You’d be in awe looking at the exteriors and interiors of this home. Exclusively designed by Hutker Architects with the assistance of MVI Design, an interior design company, this house is […] More

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    Home Inspiration: The Nancy Creek Pool & Guest House


    The Nancy Creek Pool & Guest House is an extra space in a residential property situated along the Nancy Creen Road in Atlanta. Right through the view of the pool is magnificent. It faces the small guest house that consists of “lift and slide glazed door system”. It does sound cool, right? Let’s take a […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Black and Gray Interiors

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    Do you fancy a home interior that showcases black and gray shades? This contemporary house surrounded by pine trees and mountains in Montana is definitely a delight to the eyes! What’s more the house itself can spoil you with its magnificent view! And yes, this house is designed by Reid Smith Architects with many wide […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Modern Cottage Farmhous

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    When you talk about farmhouse, what usually comes to mind is a small, simple house next to a barn. Well, the evolution of architect designs and modern home ideas has paved its way even to farmhouses. If this seems too good for you, then you’d be surprised by this farmhouse we’re about to share. Designed […] More

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    Home Inspiration: Neutral & Victorian Style Interiors

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    Do you want a simple yet striking and unique interior style? Perhaps, you want to see one of the interiors designed by Kathryn Ivey This particular home is an example of a neutral and Victorian inspired interiors. From the home construction to the furniture, you can see that the style is beautiful and minimal. Let’s […] More